Reaction as a Harvard university graduate celebrates his success with a tobacco

The beauty of success is so unique to an extent that people throw parties to celebrate it but this dude celebrated his in style.

Harvard graduate

A Nigerian Twitter user who is identified as Angel Onuoha astonished each personal of his viewers and followers by the iconic temperament and revelation he portrayed.

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Graduating from Harvard University, he celebrated his peak with a huge Tobacco sharing the picture via his Twitter handle.



On his Twitter handle, the picture showed a clear picture of a young man who is already high with the effect of Tobacco as smoke gushes out his mouth in style.


He captioned this with the words that best states appreciation as it trends.


In his words, he said:


“Thanks, Harvard”



Some of his fans applauded him, while some outlined that he may not get a cool job with such a display.

Author: DANNY

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